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Girl Gang Getaway

Girl Gang Getaway

In a previous life, I lived in Dallas, Texas. And because I had lived there longer than anywhere else, that meant that I would have to leave my closest, longest lasting friendships behind when I made a decision to move to the west coast. But, being the strong femme force that we are, my packing up for the Pacific didn't change a thing. In fact, time spent together now is even sweeter than it ever was. There's always major life change to share each time we get together, and seeing how the women you love have grown since you saw them last is pretty amazing. Marriages. Babies. Career moves. Second babies. Home purchases. New interests and talents. The list goes on. As a child I never imagined my adult life to be surrounded by a group of girls that love me as much as I love them, but here I am. And this weekend, I got to host some of my favorite chicks in my city. Here's what went down...


Brunch was first on the agenda. This episode took place at Madison in University Heights. The blue algae mimosa is a must-try.

Brunch is a favorite pastime of this group. We should seriously have shirts made. Actually, we have something better than tee shirts. Another good friend of ours that wasn't able to join on this trip (welcome newborn baby boy!) gifted us all necklaces while brunching in Dallas many moons ago. Each necklace had a heart pendant on it, in gold, and on each heart were two letters.    as       se       mb      le     When you place the necklaces next to each other they spell the word 'assemble'. It's understood in our group that no matter where we are or what we're doing that any one of us could simply say to another "Assemble", and we would all know exactly the meaning. We would know where to go, what time to be there, and expect bottomless mimosas waiting. It's like an emergency evacuation plan, but for brunch - the happiest, most heartfelt gathering there ever was.


One highlight of our weekend together was a 3.5 hour sail on a private charter catamaran. In the rain. And wind. It was a rare sun-less San Diego day. That wasn't the plan of course, but a fluke weather weekend was upon us and we decided that we wouldn't let it get us down. So we sailed on The Tigress while bundled in blankets and steadily consuming enough wine to keep us warm. When would we all be together and have the chance to do this again? Who knew. That's why we made the most of it. We kayaked in the bay and took in the dreary scenery - together. Because that's all that matters anyway.


Following a freezing boat ride, we all let loose in the hot tub. We did this a few times throughout the weekend actually. How many girls are in that hot tub photo? Obviously this is a trick question and only we know the answer, of course.


Saturday night was upon us and that meant it was time for a night out to celebrate our friend that's getting married in a few mere weeks. And what better way is there to honor a bride-to-be than a dinner and dancing show at Lips Nightclub? The Queens were incredible and so was the fun we had.

Photography by Shawna Forse Howell.

Photography by Shawna Forse Howell.

In all the other spaces aside from our weekend highlights there was laughing, crying, pedicures, facial masks, caffeine, dancing, shopping, drinks, dinner, dessert, nudity, sand and surf. Now that I think about it, maybe all of these little things are the true highlights of our weekend together rather than the planned outings we did. Our girl gang getaway could have easily been ruined by the poor weather conditions if we allowed it since so many of our activities were based around enjoying the outdoors, but the fact that we still had an amazing weekend together says a lot about our bonds.

How rejuvenated I feel after having these women all to myself for an entire weekend! I am so thankful for everlasting friends in my life and I sincerely hope you have the joy of knowing something similar in yours. A group of soul sisters is unlike anything else!

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