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I'm Bri Garbani, a designer + photographer living in San Diego, California. It's here that I express my passion for dogs, design + DIY through writing + photography. If you like what you see, you'll want to check back often as I have a constant need to create + Native Blonde is my prime creative outlet.

Sacrum Doesn't Cycle

Sacrum Doesn't Cycle

If you haven’t heard, I’ve been down for the count lately due to a bicycle accident I had roughly three weeks ago.  Not to worry, it was all due to rider error and it could have been much worse than it ended up being.  After taking a fall onto some rather stiff concrete (don’t I sound surprised?) and not being able to stand up afterward, I was forced to make a trip to the emergency room.  It was there I learned that I had fractured my sacrum (not to be confused with sarcasm or scrotum – you’ve got to love predictive text).  After a few days of hospitalization and a few more difficult weeks spent resting and working on standing on my own two feet again sans walker (I’m sure my hubby appreciated my elderly age foreshadowing), I am back at work and recovering well. 

What I’ve learned from fracturing my sacrum:

1.       When cycling at high speeds, take turns much, much slower.

2.       San Diegans are genuinely concerned when they come across an injured person lying on the ground.

3.       Modeling hospital wristbands in selfies helps to pass the time.

4.       I do not tolerate pain extremely well.

5.       I’ll never take for granted the ability to use the restroom without help.

6.       Health really is everything.

7.     If I continue to break bones in my spinal cord (I broke my coccyx a few years back), I could end up seriously complicating my life.

8.       Mobility is truly a gift.

9.     Green is not my color.

10.   I only have one body - it's time to take extra special care of it.

Thank you to everyone who sent flowers, care packages and thoughtful words of encouragement.  I am certain it has all helped aid in my recovery.

Home Joy

Home Joy

Pare Down + Pack Up

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