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I'm Bri Garbani, a designer + photographer living in San Diego, California. It's here that I express my passion for dogs, design + DIY through writing + photography. If you like what you see, you'll want to check back often as I have a constant need to create + Native Blonde is my prime creative outlet.

Caribbean Cruising at Christmas

Caribbean Cruising at Christmas

The hubby and I decided that instead of gifts for our wedding anniversary and Christmas this year that we would celebrate by treating ourselves to a vacation in December.  Craving adventure and sight seeing in the Caribbean, we chose to book a cruise to visit as many places as we could in the time that we had, and also since neither of us had been on one before! 

Though my equilibrium still hasn't quite returned to normal even a full week after our return, I will still refer to this trip as the vacation of my lifetime.  I took over 800 photos spanning 9 days, most of which aren't of exceptional quality since I was juggling three cameras, a GoPro, my Nikon DSLR and an iPhone, and only one was waterproof to out stand the majority of our H20 based activities.  However, the combination of these devices documented our experiences as we were living them and that's all that really matters.

This trip opened my eyes and my mind to so many things - extreme poverty, new languages, the positive and negative effects tourism, an entirely new climate, variety of plant life, the treatment of animals, quality of food, wildlife at land and sea, the cost of living, size of insects and so much more. Given the time, I would absolutely return to explore each place we visited in more detail and bear witness to whole other worlds completely unrecognized by me until now. Below are some of my favorite shots creating a mini photo journal of each place we visited.  

NEW ORLEANS | Having never been, the hubby and flew to our departure city a night early to see what the infamous Bourbon Street was all about.  Booze, broken bottles, barnacles, butts and beads.  And one other thing that starts with a B regardless of it not being Mardi Gras.

THE SHIP | Boarding, our cabin, around the boat and our view while at sea.

TULUM, MEXICO | Walking among ancient Mayan ruins dated to 564 A.D.  The sweltering heat and humidity didn't seem to phase the iguanas.

COZUMEL, MEXICO | Window shopping and enjoying the scenery while in port.

ROATAN, HONDURAS | Snorkeled with dolphins at a nearby resort (camera devices were not allowed, but we managed to capture some of our swim), explored the surrounding city on foot and then ate local crab legs while cooling off with margaritas at lunch.

BELIZE CITY, BELIZE | Took a bus ride to see some city sites, saw rural life during a drive through the country, inner tubed through underground crystal caves and rode a zip line course through the jungle.

MAHAHUAL, MEXICO | We went scuba diving along the coral reef followed by collecting sea shells on a shoreline walk.  The hubby and I crossed from one side of this tiny fisherman's town to the other on foot through deserted roads.

COSTA MAYA, MEXICO | Shopped local goods, ate lunch and drank cerveza on the beach, then we relaxed in a hammocks hanging in the shade of coconut trees.

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