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Mini Cement Planter Pots

Mini Cement Planter Pots

I bring to you another DIY project that I’ve seen circulating around Pinterest - the cement succulent planter.  This project was very inexpensive for me to make as I already had most of the supplies hanging around my garage.  Here’s what it required:

Quick Dry Cement - I had a bag of this left over from a previous patch job on my patio, but you can find it at any home improvement store.

Plastic Molds - You can use practically any shape or size container to pour concrete in for this project - get creative with it!   I happened to not have anything around the house that wasn’t being used for food consumption, so I bought three measuring quart cups from my local dollar store for .75 cents each.

Disposable Inserts - You can use anything that will fit inside your mold to get your desired effect.  For my project, I used left over disposable plastic party cups.

Weights - You’ll need to weigh down your inserts so that they will stay in place while your concrete dries.  I used a container of river rocks and poured them into each cup - worked like a charm.

Bucket - You’ll also need a large bucket to mix the concrete and water in.  I used a recycled plastic ice cream tub for this project (yes, I know it’s a large ice cream container - don’t judge me).

Stir Stick - Something sturdy will be needed to stir up the concrete with.  I had a metal plant support that I had pulled out of the ground from doing some landscape work.  It’s been sitting in the garage ever since and turned out to be the perfect stirring tool.

Spray paint - This is a completely optional supply.  I had several colors to choose from in my garage and decided to use some to add an element of style to my concrete planter pots.

Now that you’ve got your supplies, you can mix up your concrete, fill your molds, and then let them set until they are completely dry.  A few tips:  When pouring your molds, gently tap the container against the ground to help air bubbles make their way up through the concrete.   Or you can leave the air bubbles in like I did if you like the look that they create.  Also, if you’re over eager like I was and remove the concrete from its mold too soon, beware that you run the risk of the cement crumbling into pieces.  Next step - paint!  Tape off where you’d like the spray paint to go and give it a couple coats.  

After they’re dry, you can fill your concrete planter pots with dirt and add your plant life.  I chose succulents, but you can use these pots to make your own herb garden, show off a cacti collection, or you can even give them an alternate purpose such as a pencil holder.  The possibilities are endless!

Now we HAVE reached the part of the blog post where we get to look at pretty pictures of the end result.  Aren’t these planter pots so cute?!  Enjoy!


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