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I’m Bri Garbani, designer, photographer, lover of all animals and the color blue.  Ask anyone who knows me what makes me tick and they’ll tell you two things; dogs and design.

Throughout my career I have worked in the fashion, hospitality and interior design industry. And just four short years ago I moved my life from Dallas to sunny San Diego and haven't looked back. It wasn’t until I became a home owner in Southern California that I realized how undeniable my passion for all things home and hound has become. Though I love houses as a whole, I particularly enjoy the contents that make up their interiors. I can’t get enough of seeing how people express their personal style within the walls in which they live, often times through the lives of their pets too. When dogs and design come together, that translates as my happy place.

With this infinite inspiration, I am grateful that I have the ability to create things that bring me joy. Whether it's capturing aesthetically pleasing imagery, designing do-it-yourself projects, or forever updating my 1927 Spanish bungalow, I thoroughly enjoy the creative process behind it all.

Take a moment to look around, and please, call me Native Blonde. If you like what you see, you'll want to check back often as I have a constant need to create and Native Blonde is my prime creative outlet.